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Who we are

We are a team with a vision, individuals strongly committed and passionate about the Blockchain technology. We redefine quality standards and best practice solutions at the crossroads of Blockchain & Investment Banking.

Blockchain best practice solutions built on core values

What we do

From idea to solution we turn our hands-on execution experience and Blockchain expertise into both digital and traditional fundraising.

Our Services

In collaboration with our global network of trusted partners and investors, our services cover the entire spectrum of Blockchain ventures.
  • Foundation

    Due Diligence
    Jurisdiction Analysis
    Business Modelling
    Whitepaper Structuring
    Token Economics
  • Execution

    Investor Network
  • Growth

    Thought Leadership
    Mergers & Acquisitions
    Blockchain Research

Structure, Quality and Purpose


Union Bank Liechtenstein

Union Bank AG is about to become the first fully regulated bank ever to issue its own security tokens…

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Cointelegraph visits Switzerland

There is no doing a Crypto Documentary about Switzerland without stopping by Trust Square. Our CEO Matthias Weissl…

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Building the Brand

Structure, Quality, and Purpose.

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The knowledge and the passion to fuel the projects we believe in

Our Team

An experienced team of employees, advisors and founders collectively shaping the future of Blockchain ventures.

Ensuring highest quality standards to our global partner and investor network

Our Network

We believe in teamwork to ensure the highest quality of expertise together with our trusted partners

From technology to legal, finance and marketing, we built a strong and knowledgeable expertise network, making Blockchain fundraising a structured and purposeful process


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